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Perfect Modular Homes in Gloucester, VA

Signature Homes, LLC takes pride in the fact that we sell the highest quality of modular and manufactured homes, including Commodore Homes™ of Pennsylvania. This company has a wide selection of quality products and floor plans. Signature Homes, LLC takes pride in selling the best modular and manufactured homes in the business. Tell us exactly what you need, and we will price it accordingly. Whether you just want a house, or a complete, turnkey package, we will take care of your every need.

What is the difference between Modulars, Manufactured Homes and Stick Built Houses?

Modular Homes are essentially just like stick built houses since both are built to an individual state code. The main difference is that Modular homes are twice the home for half the price in half the time. Stick built houses can go for as much as $110-$130/sqft. whereas Modulars are about $80-$95/sqft. Modular homes also are not supported by a frame as a manufactured home is, but instead sit directly on the foundation like a stick built house.

Manufactured Homes are built to the federal HUD (Housing & Urban Development) code. These houses are essentially all built the same though some manufacturers do go above and beyond the hud code. Manufactured homes have a steel frame that supports them along with concrete piers. These house do not get supported by a concrete foundation. These type of homes are extremely affordable and our selection is extremely well built.
R-Anell - Modular and Manufactured Homes in Saluda, VA

R-Anell Homes

These homes are built to the highest quality. There is a variety of styles and floor plans to choose from, including ranches, cape cods, two-stories, vacation homes, and estates. View the products to learn more.
Commodore Homes - Modular and Manufactured Homes in Saluda, VA

Icon Legacy

Icon Legacy homes are set apart by their ability to manufacture their own roof trusses creating endless options. This company also offers numerous floor plans including ranches, capes, chalets and the ever popular log cabin. Find out more by viewing the products.
Carolina Building Solutions - Modular and Manufactured Homes in Saluda, VA

Virginia Homes

These homes create a unique look with a wide selection of ranches, capes, chalets, two stories and the unique salt box making for a beautiful and seamless design. They are built to the highest standards, with 2' x 6' sidewall construction and 16" on center roof trusses. View the products for more information.
Fleetwood Home - Modular and Manufactured Homes in Saluda, VA

Fleetwood homes

Fleetwood homes specialize in mainly manufactured or "mobile homes" but as of 2015 they have branched our into the modular world as well. Fleetwood has been manufacturer of the year for the last 7 years due to the quality of their product and their ability to stand behind their product with outstanding service. View the products for more information.
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